Ordering Policy


How can I order from the your store?

  • Place your order online.
  • We do not accept mail orders or purchase orders.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Play, and PayPal.


What does the Availability status mean?

  • In Stock - The item is good to go and ready for purchase.
  • Add to wish list - The item is not currently available. You can add it to your wish list which will be saved in your account.


Something I want is out of stock. Can I be notified when it is available?

Yes! We can send you an email when a product is available for purchase. Any product that is out of stock will have an "Email me when available" link on the product page. To be sure you receive future emails from us, add "support@nbcstore.com" to your address book.

Do you match competitor's prices?

No, we do not match competitor's prices.


Will I be charged sales tax?

The sales taxes charged are based on state, county, and local laws based on the zip code provided with the associated shipping address.

There may be additional sales taxes included for states in which we have operations. These states charge sales tax based on the nexus of the company selling the product. Sales tax throughout the entire state can charged by State, County, and Local Municipalities.


What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Play, and PayPal. For your protection, we screen orders for potential fraud. Please ensure that your billing address matches that of your payment method to avoid delays in order processing.


Do discount codes stack?

When redeeming Promotion, Discount, or Coupon Codes during checkout, please note that only one promotion code can be used per order. Promotion, Discount or Coupon Codes cannot be used towards the purchase of Gift Certificates.

I forgot to add a coupon code to my order while checking out, can I you add this discount to my order after it has been placed?

We’re sorry but coupon codes can't be added retrospectively. In the future, please always ensure you add the coupon code when prompted to avoid disappointment.


What does the status of my order mean?

  • New - Your order has been accepted and will be processed soon.
  • Processing - Your order has been transmitted to the packing/shipping department (or one of our distributors), and our team is gathering all of your goodies and preparing them to be shipped.
  • Closed - Your order has been refunded. Your credit card has been fully refunded at this point.
  • Complete - Your order has been fully shipped. Your credit card has been fully charged at this point.
  • Canceled - Your order has been canceled, and your credit card has not been billed.

Can I check the status of my order?

Yes. Visit this link Track Order and make sure you input your order number and the email used for purchase.


Can I make changes to my order?

We may be able to if your order still shows as "New" status.
Please note that our order fulfillment and shipping systems are designed to get orders on their way quickly and efficiently. Once the order has been sent to our warehouse for processing, neither you nor our customer service staff can change it. If your order status says anything other than "New", it can no longer be changed or canceled. This includes updates to the Shipping Address.


What is your Privacy Policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. We will never rent or sell your information to any third parties, we only use the information we collect from you to convey your order information, or to send you catalogs and emails at your request. Read More


I have a question about my recent purchase from the physical NBC store, can you help me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with your question or concern as our site and the physical store are not managed by the same entity. If you would like to get into contact with The Shop at NBC Studios, their contacting information is below:

30 Rockefeller Plz
New York, New York
(212) 664-2754
Website: http://www.theshopatnbcstudios.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheShopAtNBCStudios/


Please note that, although we are associated to NBC Universal, we deal only with our site and the products that we provide to our customers. We do not deal directly with the NBC Universal Network and as such cannot assist with questions or concerns regarding (but not limited to) programming, live-streaming, content writing for our shows or donations. If you would like to write in about something that is not related to our site or products directly, please use the following link: http://www.nbc.com/contact-us/. This will put you in contact with someone who will be better suiting to addressing your inquiry!